Do I have to sign a contract or direct debit ?

No, there is no contract to sign and no direct debit.

Are your treatments safe for pets, people and the environment?

Yes, all our treatments are safe for people, pets and the environment but we recommend that you and your pet and your children stay off the lawn for 2 hours after a treatment.

Are your staff required to have a special licence to spray my lawn?

Yes, our staff are qualified to spray weed control applications. By law, all commercial sprayers in this capacity have to be licenced with a qualification that is certified by the City & Guilds and the NPTC.

Can I start your treatments at anytime, or do I have to wait until a particular season has arrived?

You can start our treatments at any time of the year. There is no need to wait until the beginning or end of a season as some people believe. In fact, it is essential that your lawn is maintained throughout the year and not just when the sun is shining. Therefore, the time is always right for you to obtain a quote from us and start the lawn treatments

I want to have my lawn scarified/and or hollow tine aerated, can I have this done without having the quarterly treatments?

Yes you can, but we would obviously advise you at the time of conducting these mechanical services about any infestations, diseases or deficiencies that your lawn may have at the time.

Can I mow my lawn directly before or after a treatment?

We recommend that you do not cut your lawn for three days before or after any treatment.

Do I need to water my lawn after a treatment?

No, our fertilisers are designed specifically not to scorch your lawn, even if there is no rain or watering in for a while. The only time that we recommend that you do water your lawn after one of our treatments, is if it involved over-seeding. Also at times of drought stress, you should water your lawn until it is soaked at least once a fortnight, whenever it is dry…..unless there is a hosepipe ban.

Do you offer services like over-seeding and top dressing as well as the usual treatments?

Yes, we over-seed and we can also top dress with quality Bowling-Green top dressing or a Putting Green top dressing. If the soil in your lawn is already well draining with friable or sandy soil, then we might recommend top dressing with a more fertile, organic matter or bulky material like good quality compost.

When you Scarify or Hollow Tine Aerate, do you clear up the mess that it makes?

Yes, we clear your lawn of all the arisings from any of our mechanical services and bag it up for you. You can then dispose of these bags at the recycling centre or consult with your local council to see if it is appropriate for the material to be put in a green bin scheme. Whilst we are happy to bag this material for you or even place it on your own compost heap, we do not take it away with us as a rule. In exceptional cases we can arrange for it to be taken away, but we have to charge for this.

Can you Aerate my lawn with solid tines as opposed to Hollow Tines?

Yes we can and will be happy to do this for your. Solid tines tend to go deeper into the subsurface of the lawn and improve drainage, but they do not relieve compaction.

How do I get stripes on my lawn

Some, (but not all) people like to see the stripes on their lawn after mowing. If you would like to get the stripes to show on your lawn, you will need to mow with a mower that has a roller on it….preferably at the rear of the mower. Also, the higher the setting is on the mower, the more lush and velvety the stripes will look. If you can leave the height of the mower at no less than 2 inches, that should give you a nice thick, lush, green sward. Modern mowers that are rotary, with a roller at the rear are excellent. Traditional cylinder mowers with cylindrical cutters at the front will do a good job of cutting the lawn, but are best used on lawns that are cut very short and very often. The one advantage that rotary mowers have over cylinder mowers, is that the roller is at the rear and this leaves a nice striped lawn behind the cut. Most cylinder mowers have a roller at the front as well as the rear. Unfortunately, the front roller on cylinder mowers can “push” the sward over before it is cut properly and can cause lots of grass plant blades to lie flat in the lawn, which is not good a requires more scarifying than normal.