De-thatching & Moss Reduction

Thatch LayerThatch is usually one of the worst problems to affect a lawn that has not been regularly maintained. Lawns are just like the rest of the plants in your garden – grass needs the right conditions in which it can flourish. Sure, it will limp along quite nicely in a poor state for years, but if you have never had your lawn scarified, never had it treated or aerated, can you honestly say, (if you look out of the window at it right now) that is has not got thatch, weeds, moss and other undesirable conditions or diseases?

Scarifying helps to reduce or remove thatch and moss. Thatch is a real problem for UK lawns because it can prevent the water from rain showers getting through to the roots and it also locks up valuable nutrients and oxygen. These are all crucial elements for a successfully strong, and healthy green lawn. Thatch also makes conditions ideal for unwanted weeds, diseases and moss to thrive in. So you can see then, it is in your lawns interest for you to have the thatch reduced

ScarificationScarifying is actually one of the most important maintenance and renovation activities in the lawn care calender. If you consider how good a Bowling Green looks or how excellent a Putting Green on a golf course looks, its worth remembering that these types of greens have some sort of scarifying or moss reduction programme sometimes as much as weekly or several times a month during the growing seasons. Now we are not suggesting that you should have your lawn scarified every week! On the contrary, if you had your lawn scarified once a week with the machinery that we use (just like the ones those professional golf courses and bowling greens use) you wouldn’t have much lawn left after week three because your lawn has not been used to it.

Therefore, what we recommend is that your own lawn may benefit from being scarified once each year – either in the Spring or Autumn. If the thatch and moss is a significant problem, it may even benefit from being scarified in both seasons for the first year. Our professional scarifying is now more affordable than ever, so now you can get your lawn professionally scarified and it won’t break the bank!