Lawn Pests

Chafer Grubs and Leather-jacket larvae can cause devastating damage to your lawns. Some of the damage is caused by the grubs chewing at the roots of the grass plant which subsequently kills that area of the lawn. However, much of the physical damage is caused by birds such as Rooks, Jays and Magpies and larger animals such as Badgers and Foxes which scratch away at the turf/soil surface when searching for these tasty little grubs.

At Green Stripe, we offer an affordable and very effective treatment to help eliminate the grubs from your lawn, thereby ridding you of those annoying visits by animals that come in and dig up your lawn. Our treatments will kill off the grubs and stop the birds and the badgers from digging your lawn up. If left untreated, the damaged areas will increase each year until treatment is applied.

The treatments we use can only be used by professional, licenced operatives such as ourselves. The treatment can also be used purely as a preventive measure to stop these gruesome pests from visiting your lawn in the first place. Please call us today if you suspect that you have these pest in your lawn or if you would like an annual preventative treatment and we will be happy to carry out a free survey and quotation.