Relieves lawn compaction, improves drainage and helps to deter weeds and moss.

Hollow Tine Aeration

Hollow-Tine Aeration is a professional service which we will be happy to provide you with and incorporate it into your individual lawn care programme.This type of aeration is carried out on compacted lawns or lawns with poor drainage. Compaction can cause your lawn to be more susceptible to certain weeds, moss and also hinder drainage as well as causing dry patches.

Hollow-Tine Aeration is a specialist professional service which involves passing a machine over the surface of your lawn to remove approximately 50 cores per square metre. These cores vary in size from 10mm – 14mm wide and are 75mm or 100mm deep. By the time the whole lawn is ‘cored’ many thousands could have been removed.

Hollow-Tine Aeration allows water, oxygen & valuable nutrients greater access to the root zone. It is also encourages the grass rooting structure to grow into and colonize these voids thereby thickening and strengthening grass blades above. This in turn, helps to give a lush green sward. Our Hollow-Tine Aeration service will also reduce compaction in your lawn and make it stronger, healthier and thicker. It also helps to significantly reduce thatch.

A Cross sectional view of hollow tine aeration. See how the roots have been encouraged to grow into the void.

Its a simple process that enables Mother Nature to work better. Most people know that we get oxygen (O2) from the leaves of vegetation after they have soaked up Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

In simple terms the reverse happens with the roots of plants to that of the leaves. The roots soak up oxygen (O2) and give off carbon dioxide (CO2) Therefore by aerating the lawn, we can increase the availability of Oxygen to the roots.